Management - Roles and Responsibilities

last updated 28th October, 2017



Chairing General Meetings.

Ensuring that the club operates in a legal, constitutional manner.

Leadership of the Executive Officer team.



Supervising and recording the operation of the club’s accounts and finances.

Reporting on the club’s finances to officers, members and meetings including a full summary at the AGM.

Advising the membership on subscription levels for subsequent years.

Collecting subscriptions.



Convening meetings and circulating notices and agendas, incorporating agenda items and motions from members in the process.

Recording and circulating minutes of meetings.

External correspondence.



Leadership of the supporting officer team, who together carry out the various tasks:


Ensuring that the vessel is appropriately licensed, insured, covered for breakdown and has a valid BSS Certificate.  

Maintenance Coordinator:

Coordination of maintenance and repairs, job priorities for work parties etc.

Ensuring that appropriate stocks of consumables are available on board.

Sourcing spare parts as required.

Membership Secretary:

Maintaining up to date Owners List and Members' Contact Details documents on the OneDrive.

Introducing and inducting new members as they are recruited i.e. when shares are re-sold.

Forum Moderator:

Moderating the Owners' Forum and the Prospective Owners' Forum (shareanarrowboat google group).

Allocations and Bookings Coordinator:

Managing the annual allocations process.

Operating the bookings diary month to month, including exchanges and last-minute availability.


Updating and developing the website, especially any information about share availability.

Resolving any issues raised by users.

Resales Coordinator:

Liaising with the vendor and others to ensure a smooth sale and transition.

Making best possible use of online resources to promote the share availability.